To promote a secular society in which civic affairs are free from religious influence.

Who are we?

Founded in 2005, the Halton-Peel Humanist Community (H-PHC) is a community group that advocates separation of government and religion. We are also affiliated with Humanist Canada which is a non-profit charitable organization.

We support the searching for meaning in a non-supernatural world. Science, reason and compassion are at the heart of this secular world view. We work toward secular and rational approaches to law, ethics, and social welfare.



To promote a secular society in which civic affairs are free from religious influence. To promote rational dialogue and thought in the formation of public policy. To protect the rights of Humanists, Secularists, Atheists and Freethinkers and to oppose any attempts to impose religious-based laws and beliefs on the general population. To respect the rights of individuals to decide their own futures and their belief systems without interference from, or fear of, dogma, mythology, religious stigma or persecution.

Our Bylaws can be downloaded below.

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Why Join Us?

The Halton-Peel Humanist Community and affiliated regional Humanist groups provide Atheists/Agnostics and other freethinkers with an extensive network of people who share their philosophy and support their way of life. This includes monthly discussions, socializing, officiant services for weddings and funerals, and outreach programs such as non religious support for agnostic hospital patients.

By mobilizing our human resource network, skills and funds, we are an effective vehicles for initiating socio-political reform in Ontario. We actively campaign for civil rights issues dealing with marriage, health, employment, education and social welfare. For example, we are actively involved with the One School System Network in Ontario seeking to eliminate the public funding of religious education.

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Our brochure in both English and French can also be downloaded below.

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